Impact & Inspire with a Book

3-Day Book Fest

Are you ready to make an Impact, Inform and Inspire People with your Words and Wisdom with a Book?

Then here is your Opportunity:

Join the 3-Day Book Fest
LIVE Online Book Writing Workshop

People across the World are waiting for you to share your Experience and Expertise, to Inform and Inspire them with your Book.

Come join me for 3-Days LIVE Online, let me take you by the hand and give you EVERYTHING you need for writing your Book.

NEXT WORKSHOP Times and Dates:

Day 1

Thursday 15. June 2023

11am – 2pm  Brisbane, Australia – AEST

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Day 2

Friday 16. June 2023

11am – 2pm  Brisbane, Australia -AEST

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Day 3

Saturday 17. June 2023

11am – 2pm  Brisbane, Australia – AEST

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…and this is what we’ll be working on together:

Day 1
When you write a book, where do you start?

We’ll start with your Experience or Expertise and work out  how you need to write about it in a way people will want to read it.
You want your Book to make an Impact so time spent on planning makes everything else after fast and easy.

You’ll get crystal clear on the outcome to achieve with your book and map out your book title and chapter headings.

You’re ready to write, speak or video record your book, chapter by chapter.

We start here because the outcome you want to achieve is the core of everything else, it’s the core of your book.

On Day 1 we’ll also work on…

  • How to make money with your book.
  • Easy ways to select the BEST book title that shows how you deliver immense value.
  • How your book fits into your business, your offers and supports and positions you as the expert you are.
  • You’re ready to write at the close of day one.

Day 2
Position Yourself for Credibility & Trust
We’ll create powerful positioning statements and ensure you have the RIGHT story and the RIGHT messaging to support your book.

This step is all about creating credibility and connection quickly with your book and supporting promotion material. This is the time to look at your marketing for your book and your business, they go hand in hand, making your book an integral part of  your business.

On Day 2 we’ll also work on…

  • How to set up your publishing account on Amazon KDP so everything is ready for you to publish, both Kindle and the print version of your book. This includes learning about the tools Amazon gives us to publish and how to use them.
  • The story you’ll tell with your bio and ‘one’ sheet for speaking engagements and interviews in a way that connects you to your audience and your offer. There are many stories you can tell, but there is ONE story that makes it perfectly clear why you do what you do and why your ideal client needs what you have.
  • A simple formula you can use forever to position yourself anytime, anywhere. You can use it to create all other content.

Day 3:
With your Book you are planting a Seed.
Make sure it is the right Seed for the Audience you want to attract.

You want to dig deep and find exactly what will connect and have your ideal clients invest in you and your offer when they read your book. When you follow this simple formula you’ll hit all the markers, boost sales, and even have your clients thank you!

On Day 3 we’ll also work on…

  • Bringing everything for your book together:
  • How to finalize your writing, when you have enough to stop and prepare your publishing.
  • The simple promotion and launch day formula to achieve success.
  • Specific examples you can model and use throughout your business, to promote you and your book.
  • We’ll go over every step to bring your writings together including the formatting and presentation inside your book, what else now and what next.

Investment for the 3-Days Mapping out your Book:

What to Write to make a Bigger Impact, Expand your Recognition & Up-level your Credibility

Total US$2,500

Early Bird Pricing Starts NOW

(Finishes 1. June 2023)


BUT…I will NOT take your Money until I’ve had a Chat with you!

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