Workshops Online

Workshops Online

Your Customers Buy Online – Are Your Knowledge Products There?

Turn Your Expertise & Knowledge into Online Products that Make You Money Everywhere

It’s now Faster, Easier and More Profitable than ever Before to Create, Promote and Sell Your Information as a Product Online!

It used to take months or years to research, test and then connect with the right customers to get your Online Information Product off the ground BUT thanks to the latest technology and social tools, you can create, market and sell a product in 5 WEEKS!

Read on to discover how to finally get paid for your knowledge, time, and experience

Make Money with What You Know – here is your one-stop system for creating a repeatable and consistent stream of revenue that adds value to your customers without you having to be there all the time!

After all…isn’t that your dream?

This is your solution to finally making money with your ideas or products. It’s a 7-step system designed to go from “idea” to “paid for your idea” over a 5 week period with weekly live online training sessions, follow up ‘how to implement’ emails, Q&A and much, much more

Here’s What You’ll Receive:
7-Step ‘Make Money with What You Know’
Online Training

This system includes everything you need to get your product up, running and profitable in record time!

Step 1: Success Mindset

Have you ever struggled to come up with a compelling title for your product? Let’s get started

Step 2: How to Target a Buying Audience

What would it be like to have x-ray vision and know exactly what your target market wants? You’d know with 100% certainty how to sell your product to them and make the most money.

Step 3: How to Create an Irresistible OFFER

The #1 reason most people don’t make money is they don’t create a great OFFER that makes people want to buy. Fortunately, there’s an easy step-by-step formula right in this system.

Step 4: Get Leverage So You Don’t Have to Do the Hard Work

Maybe you’re not technical. Maybe you don’t know where to start or what to do. In this segment, we’ll show you how to find and get people to do the “busy work” for you so you can focus on the creative stuff that you’re good at

Step 5: Create Your Product Quickly and Affordably

Product creation should be fun! But most people get stuck in overwhelm and overthinking. And they end up with zero sales because they created the wrong product format for their market

Step 6: Monetize Your Product Quickly

KEY! If you’re frustrated with not making the money you deserve, it’s probably because you are using a strategy that your market doesn’t respond to.

Step 7: Grow Your Business

Imagine what it will feel like when your business starts to run itself!

So how much is this worth?

Let’s say you use this system to research a market, create and launch a product that sells for just $500 and let’s say you only sell 10 – that’s $5,000 returned on Investment!

But remember, this is Online and you can sell it Everywhere! You can sell 10, 100, 1000 and more!

Ongoing – Day and Night!

This is incredible value

at JUST US$4,997

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