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Unique Selling Point

Unique Selling Point

When you create a Message that ‘Sticks’ you can Stop your Prospects in their Tracks!

A compelling Message brings you more Clients, more Business and more Money.

I’m sure you’ve heard it say, people don’t buy your product or service, they buy the end benefit that your product or service will give them.

Let me share this example with you:

  • In the 70’s BP Petrol Stations sold Smurfs, you know, those small, blue characters with the funny, sloppy looking ‘hats’!
  • Had you asked parents in those days: “Why do you buy your petrol from BP?”
  • The answer would have been: “Because BP sells the Smurfs”
  • But were you to dig a bit deeper: “Why is that important to you?”, the parent would’ve replied: “Because it keeps the kids quiet.”

You see, it’s not a Smurf the parent was after, it’s quiet kids.

When you create your Message with the end benefit in mind, you’ll make the sales.
That’s why the Money is in your Message!

So Simple – yet so few Businesses, specially Coaches and Consultants, can’t find their Message!!

Make a Message that Sticks

You must have a Clear, Concise and Consistent Message across all your Marketing, including Social Media

  • The market needs a way to compare and differentiate you from others and if you don’t give them one they’ll default to price comparison.
  • Different is not doing something like no other but announcing it! Different is offering what your clients want in a unique way.  Differentiating is marketing in a way that makes people take notice.
  • Most of the time business owners seem to be in the sea of sameness and this is what leads to low profits and that sinking feeling that somehow your business is stuck.
  • Now, if I’ve got your attention let me add this. If you want to succeed in business you have one job – find a way to demonstrate, highlight, communicate, and propose that you are different in a way that your ideal client values.


Okay, enough talking, let me show you our step-by-step approach to discover your point of difference, your unique selling point, your message that sticks and makes your ideal clients contact you!

We’ve created this Simple, Proven, Step by Step System to help you create your Message!

Imagine – in just a few weeks, you’ll be ready with a Message that stops your clients in their tracks!

  • No more stepping over $$$ in missed revenue. It’s time to maximize each and every opportunity – in social media, online and off.
  • No more stressful, panicked struggling to decide what to say, or what to offer in your next proposal, in person or in writing.
  • No more gathering clients one by one. It’s time to maximize your time and your efforts and get in front of more of your ideal clients instead of wondering when your unique approach will finally be understood!

This is the first step! You’ll have everything you need, and be fully supported throughout this program to take advantage of the most powerful part of your marketing: Your Message!

…The transformation of The Money is in your Message System is more than being prepared with a Unique Selling Proposal. It’s a proven structure that helps you discover the right message and tell the right story at the right time. No more price comparisons, your offer stops being ‘salesy’ and becomes the Brand your clients want!

And when you can articulate your message effectively, you’ll see unbelievable results. Knowing how to say what you do in a powerful and compelling way, allows you to let go of searching for clients, they’ll find you!

Make a Message that Sticks
The Money is in your Message

Your Message is the MISSING LINK that makes everything you’re already doing—both online and in person—finally PAY OFF. Consider it your Secret Weapon when it comes to building your business powerfully!

Create your Message, Clear, Concise and Powerful in 5 Easy Steps!

Each module will build on the next, and every step of the way you’ll BECOME CRYSTAL CLEAR about your Message!

Step 1

Step 1
What is your Offer and how Irresistible is it?
You want your Offer to be Irresistible so Clients stop in their tracks to look twice and then take the Action you want them to take.

Your Offer is at the heart of your sale. You’ll get crystal clear on the outcome your clients will receive from you and know how to effectively communicate it so they have what they need to be attracted and say YES on-the-spot.

We start here because your offer is the core of everything you do, it’s the core of your business.

In Step 1 you’ll discover…

  • How to get clear on your offer and how to articulate it so your ideal clients can’t wait to invest with you.
  • Easy ways to add urgency while still delivering immense value.
  • How to quickly determine the perfect price for your products and programs. PLUS: Sample Order Forms you can model
Step 2

Step 2
Position Yourself for Credibility & Trust
Create a powerful position and ensure you have the RIGHT story and the RIGHT messaging to support your offer.

This step is all about creating credibility and connection quickly because what prospects read is the secret to having them stop and read more or move on!

In Step 2 you’ll discover…

  • How to create an instant connection with your audience so you quickly become someone they know, like and trust (and remember, people buy from people they know, like and trust)
  • The story that connects you to your audience and your offer. There are many stories you can tell, but there is ONE story that make it perfectly clear why you do what you do and why your ideal client need what you have.
  • A simple formula you can use forever to position yourself anytime, anywhere. You can use it to create all other content.
Step 3

Step 3:
With your Message you are planting a Seed.
Make sure it is the right Seed for the Audience you want to attract.

You want to dig deep and find exactly what will connect and have your ideal clients invest in your offer. When you follow this simple formula you’ll hit all the markers, boost sales, and even have your clients thank you!

In this step you’ll discover…

  • How to dig deep to find the right Seed.
  • How the art and science of giving a ton of immediate value while leaving your ideal clients hungry for more works for you.
  • Our simple formula for finding the problem.
  • Specific examples you can model and use throughout your business, online and offline.
Step 4

Step 4
How to “Determine the Future” – Seamlessly Transition From Your Story to Your Offer
Ask yourself, what really is your Solution?

Where does it meet your clients’ expectation? How are they transformed?

In this Step you’ll discover…

  • What your solution really is!
  • Clarity around what you offer and how you offer it
  • How to know why or why not your offer is taken!
  • The RIGHT way to use testimonials to make a real impact instead of tooting your own horn.
Step 5

Step 5
Here is where you’re putting it all together!

  • Learn how to Maximize Every Opportunity with your Message
  • Know when the time is right and how to tweak it
  • Discover the Power of your Message and see the Money flowing in!

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Make a Message that Sticks
The Money is in your Message

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Make your Message Stick and Stop your Clients in their Tracks!