Boost your Brand with a Book

Boost your Brand with a Book

 LIVE Book Writing Training 

Have you always had the Dream to write a Book but don’t know where to Start??

In this LIVE Masterclass I’ll show you exactly HOW & WHAT Writing a Book can do for YOU and if your Book Idea will work!

Loads of coaches tell me every day: I have a rough idea for my book, but I don’t know where to start and if my idea will work.

If that is you, get Access to my Book Writing Strategy & Framework and join me LIVE on the next Masterclass where I will share with you the EXACT Steps it takes to Plan, Write, Publish and Market a Book that helps you Position your Expertise and Boost your Brand.

I hold NOTHING back and you get to ask me your Questions, this is a LIVE Online 90min Session.

All YOU need to do is register and SHOW UP so you can experience what Participants like these have discovered:

“You impressed me profoundly with the ease you answered my questions – questions I had been mulling over for months. Not only the answers about book publishing but also about establishing authority in my home country, where this method is rather unknown, were very much on point.

Again, thank you so much!”

“Thank you for a very informative zoom call Sigrid de Kaste. Sufficient to say that I did a 180° turn in what and how I thought I would write my first book.
Thank you! I would love to work with you.”

“Thank you so much Sigrid de Kaste for your time and dedication. I now have much more clarity on the book type to pursue that’s aligned with my business goal, as well as the right questions to ask to direct both the writing and marketing process simultaneously!”

I am only running two LIVE 90min sessions for this … so you MUST clear space on your schedule to join me at either:

9am AEST or 5pm AEST

Select a time in the correct time zone for you, that suits you and click through to register below…

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Friday 29 July

9am Brisbane, Australia

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Click through to Register for:
Friday 29 July

5pm Brisbane, Australia

This is BEST for UK, Europe, South Africa 

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Get Access to my Unique Book Writing Strategy & Framework at this Training

It truly is a full end-to-end Book Writing, Publishing and Marketing your Book System