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10 Top Tips to get the best money for your business

Why sell a used car for a hundred dollars when with some new wheels and a coat of paint you could fetch over a thousand?

The same principal can be applied to your business

Hi…… I’m Sigrid de Kaste and I’ve rescued my own businesses from being sold for less than I thought they were worth……How?

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Why should every Business Seller invest in the Business Rescue Package?

5 biggest mistakes business sellers make. .REVEALED . and how to avoid making them yourself

HELP! How do I attract buyers that will see my business for what I think it’s worth.

Real PROVEN strategies for making your business look more appealing to buyers

EXPOSED!! Why most businesses fetch less money than they are worth. . . Know how to avoid underselling yourself

Where to start? Who to talk to? What to put in place? When is it too late? How to do it quickly? All your questions AND MORE will be answered in this must have package

What NEVER to DO when selling a business

CHEAT SHEET! See my “Check-list for selling your business”. It’s so easy when you know how. . . A must have for any seller

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Now let me tell you how it works:

Over just 10 weeks I will take you step-by-step through the Business Rescue program and include weekly actions and tasks for you to take, plus worksheets and resources to make the process simple and easy.

And here’s a brief look at the information you will have access to:

Planning ahead when selling a business

How to maintain a loyal customer base during the sale of a business

Where to find more profit to show immediately

What the buyer will be most likely looking for

Employees: how to keep them motivated during the sale

What NEVER to do when selling a business

Common mistakes made by people selling a business

How to streamline your operations…even in a short period of time

How to present the Value in Your Business

All this and more for the one off amount of $497!!

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Let’s recap. . .


What you get


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10 Weekly Online Workshops



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Just like Personal Coaching



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This is a 10 week program, weely online workshops with step by step information to help you set up your business for sale to get the most for your business

I look forward to ‘seeing’ you at the workshops!

All the best

Sigrid de Kaste

P.S. If you are serious about selling your business for the maximum profit this is the way, investing in the help of a professional.

P.S.S. Don’t forget, if you don’t join today, next time you come back the special introductory price may have lapsed and a higher price may apply, just keep it in mind. And don’t forget all the bonuses you’ll be receiving.

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