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Marketing Strategy – Brand Strategy – Marketing Plan

Stickybeak Marketing Saves you Money…..

with our targeted Brand Strategy

and Marketing Plan Development Sessions

Unfortunately many Marketing Offers only give you a single piece of the big picture – whether that be your Website, Social Media, Blogging, Article Marketing, Flyers, Advertising or what-have-you….what they often lack is a clear, comprehensive and specific marketing picture for you and your business

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You may spend in many different, often non essential areas, in the wrong order, waste precious time, effort and focus – jumping from idea to idea with no overall goal or comprehensive brand strategy to guide you…or you have only ONE promotional activity in place

Saving You Money:

  • Our targeted Marketing Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan Development Sessions are designed to establish exactly which Marketing activities will achieve successful outcomes for you and which are simply not suited
  • The Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan Development Sessions focus on the practical steps that need to be taken to reach your specific goals, while providing you with the big picture marketing strategy and knowledge necessary to make sure you get results

Here is how it works:

You get more Sales and more Customers while spending less to attract them!

  • We’ve developed a step by step Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan Development Session which pinpoints exactly what Marketing Activities are right and therefore successful for you
  • With a clear Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan in place you can focus on getting results

This is what we will do:

  1. Let’s establish where you are now…what you are currently doing and spending on Marketing Activities
  2. Tell us in detail where you would like to be and in what time frame…
  3. We help you do the Marketing Research and from that determine the steps to get you to your goal

….and you can make your booking right here, right now 

  • once you’ve made your payment, we will be in touch
  • Then we send you relevant questionnaires
  • We’ll set a day and time to meet – making sure you send your completed material back at least 24 hours before the meeting
  • This will be 1/2 day Session and can be done ONLINE, no need to travel!
  • Then we meet and work to establish your Marketing and discuss your most suitable implementation strategy….

….and all you have to do is book your Brand Strategy and Marketing Plan Development Session here:

Marketing Strategy Session

Special Offer, for this 1/2 Day Session:  ONLY $2,750

plus 10% GST  = $3,025

Your payment is collected securely by PayPal via credit card or your paypal account

Make sure you include your phone number and skype contact details when entering your details…you can also contact us here with any details or message you have when making your payment or if you wish to be invoiced

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