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Is your Marketing Attracting as much Business as you would like?

Do you have enough New Clients and several Streams of Income?

Marketing and Sales are a Challenge not just for Coaches and Consultants – this Challenge touches every small, medium, even large businesses!

The ideal scenario is to have prospects knock on your door, ready to become your client, right?

Well, when this is not happening…

You are making at least one of the Top 3 Marketing Mistakes!

The biggest flaw for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners is spending on Marketing they don’t understand! As a Business Owner you are a Professional in your field of Expertise. Rarely also Marketing. Unless your business has the budget to set up an in-house Marketing Department you will constantly have to decide what Marketing you should do, when to do it and where to get the right Marketing information that’s applicable to your business.

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Nearly all aspects of your business depend on successful marketing. The overall marketing umbrella covers everything from business cards to advertising, public relations, promotions, social media, online and print media and sales, including how you price your products and services.

Mistake Number 1: No Plan

A favourite approach for many business owners is the ‘scatter gun’ approach: designing marketing so broad it attracts the 85% of ‘tyre’ kicker’ prospects instead of the ones who are looking for your offers!

Mistake Number 2: No Message

Without a clearly defined point of difference you are just another ‘me too’ business. Your unique offers go under in the sea of competitors. Clients that are looking for you can’t find you!

Mistake Number 3: No System

Using the wrong Marketing Methods, not setting up a system that brings you a flow of new clients regularly and a lack of client nurture! STOP old habits and start new ones! Set up a reliable Marketing System

So…How do you Stop making those Mistakes?

Here is a simple yet powerful way to get started with a step by step business and marketing plan. Learn the formula that makes it super easy to bring you new Clients ongoing and various streams of Income!

Join Stickybeak Marketing Department: Build your Business & Marketing Foundation Pillars

…discover how easy it is to Set Up Your Digital Marketing Strategy, Establish Your Brand, Position Your Authority, Create and Distribute Your High Quality Social Media Content and Build Irresistible Products & Programs that Build Your Business!

Your Marketing Department is your monthly Virtual Destination. Our Online ‘Boardroom’ offers you the Opportunity to mix with and support other Business Owners and learn, step by step, all aspects of Marketing LIVE – with weekly tasks, your questions answered, accountability buddies, Website, Social Media, Email Marketing techniques explained and, and, and so much more! You have access to an ever growing, regularly updated Marketing Library which you can Access easy, online, anytime you want to work on your Marketing!

Stickybeak Marketing Department: This is a Complete, Cohesive Solution and Includes Digital Product and Membership Site Set Up How To

Your Marketing Department keeps up with changes and research, up-dates on new results and new applications, so you don’t have to!

You simply attend the monthly sessions, follow your Marketing strategy and plan which is created when you start with your Marketing Department.

Accepting Accountability and supporting other Members contributes to your own Motivation staying strong.

The 5 Foundation Pillars to Positioning for Profit, you will put in Place, Including Easy Lead Generation Tools:

Pillar 1 – How to make an Impact

  • Define your outcome – what do you want your Marketing to achieve?
  • Create your Hook & Story – how to Position yourself as the Recognized Expert
  • Your Signature Talk – how to build this with your audience in mind
  • Build your Online Presence – how, where and on what Platforms?

Pillar 2 – The Power of the Printed Word

  • Content is still King – the Super Simple Formula explained
  • Blog Writing – we show you how, where and why
  • Your Book – why Authorship sets you up for Success
  • Reports and White Papers – why you need these and how to create them in a flash

Pillar 3 – Your List is Your Pot of Gold

  • You Urgently Need to Build a List – that’s where the Money is!
  • Collect a Database of Prospects anytime, anywhere
  • Set yourself up to get an ongoing source of qualified leads
  • Segment your audience, make them feel special

Pillar 4 – Create Irresistible Products & Programs

  • Turn your Knowledge into Digital Products and Programs
  • Membership sites are already taking business to a new level across all kinds of industries
  • Create Instant and Recurring Income
  • The fastest Platforms to set up

Pillar 5 – Profit from Promotions

  • Use as many Channels as you can to be Visible – we show you the Top Performing one’s
  • Let the Top Platforms Promote you – for FREE
  • Use Social Media Automation – your clients are active at different times
  • Deliver your Message Online and at Networking Events – here is how to present your Offers

YES! I want my Marketing to attract more Clients and more Business. Let’s start with ONE Strategy Session.

Ready to Start

Just Imagine:

  • You get to take advantage of opportunities that will help you reach your business goals faster… even in a super-competitive industry.
  • You get to plan for disruptions and setbacks that are coming your way… so you don’t lose time and money on “damage control” like so many business owners do.
  • You get to strategically position your business as the “go-to” choice for your target market… even if competitors are underpricing you.
  • You get to strengthen your business through tactical long-term planning.
  • You get the peace of mind of knowing that every marketing decision is shared… so you can focus on the aspects of your business that will create the biggest impact.
  • You get to spend more time working on your business, instead of in!

All because you’ve added a Marketing Department to your Business!

Here is how it works:

  • We show you how to set up the 5-Steps as outlined above, month by month
  • Two Online LIVE Meetings First and Third Tuesday of every Month – each Session time 90min
  • Combination of Training and your Questions answered
  • Weekly Support and Accountability Emails
  • Email Support to all your Questions
  • 24 hour Access to Online Marketing and Business Building Library
  • Worksheets, Tools, Tips and Templates
  • Opportunity to promote your Business
  • Bring your Marketing Ideas and Efforts together using your Personal Marketing Department
  • Implement the 5-Steps & Watch yourself and your Business grow!
  • Incredible Value Investment:
  • You are Investing in Your Knowledge and Your Business!

The Acorn does NOT grow overnight into the mighty Oak Tree!

You want to Plan this as a 12-month Commitment

When you join the Marketing Department:

You’ll get Instant Access to the Marketing Library Online

You’ll be invited to your One-on-One Personal Strategy Session

You’ll schedule the monthly Virtual Boardroom Sessions into your Diary and make sure you attend

That’s how simple it is!

YES! I want my Marketing to attract more Clients and more Business. Let’s start with ONE Strategy Session.

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