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Create your eBook to help you Build your Lists - Because The Money is in your List -

Using eBooks to build and grow your email list is the most powerful, time-tested strategy to reach new clients.

And your email list is the only audience you truly own.

Your email list is one of your major business assets.

Your List is Your Pot of Gold - Let's Build it with an eBook!

Online DIY Guided Workshop

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Everything you need to Write your Lead Generating e-Book

Here is what’s included:

1.- Clarity & Strategy:

Discover the Power and Purpose of eBooks in the World today. This will help you make your Topic selection simple. You’ll learn about the best topics for a lead generating eBook. With that in place, you’ll discover how to write your eBook, page by page.

2.- Writing for your Ideal Audience:

In this step we identify the ideal lead that you want to attract with your eBook. This helps you to know what the best type of topic and the best eBook title would be for you.

You’re aiming for a title that grabs attention, so you are positioned to attract the right leads to your list. Attracting the right leads makes is easier to nurture and convert to clients.

3.- The Fast-Track eBook Setup Process:

You’ll receive 5 ready to use, professional eBook Templates that have been designed with Marketing in mind. By that I mean, the layout of each page and the sequence of information within the Book pages, has been Market tested. These 5 eBook Templates are YOURS to keep!

And of course, you’ll learn exactly how to customise these Templates to suit your Topic and your Business.

4.- Publishing:

In this step you’ll learn what format your eBook needs to be in so people can easily access it. We’ll discuss how and where you best offer your eBook for maximum attraction and lead registration opportunity.

5.- Expert Positioning and Launching:

How and where is the best way to launch your lead generating eBook? In this step you’ll learn how to do this and I’ll share several powerful yet simple to use systems that can help you get your eBook in front of your ideal leads.

You will also learn some of the best ways to nurture your leads, so that, once they’ve signed up for your eBook and are on your list, will convert to clients for you.

BONUS: 5 Easy to Personalize eBook Templates

FURTHER BONUS: 50 Call to Action Text and Buttons

If you are looking to build or grow your list of prospects, writing a Lead Generating eBook is a powerful, time-tested way, then access this step-by-step Online DIY Program and set up your Personalized, Lead Generating eBook.

Learn the Steps once, Rinse and Repeat for as many Lead Generating eBooks as you wish to write in the Future.
You can simply copy and change each of the 5 Marketing Tested eBook Templates you’ll receive when you Register to receive access this Program.

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Everything you need to Write your Lead Generating e-Book

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