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What if you could write a Book, not just any Book but one that gives you…

Instant Authority, Boosts your Brand Immediately and Completely Transforms your Business?!

Let me explain why this is Important, if you are in Business and are looking for Competition Free Positioning:

Here’s the Problem many Self Publishing Authors face:

You have an idea, but don’t know where to start. You’re afraid that your topic has been done before, or that you’re not enough of an expert to write what’s inside of you. (Don’t worry: you are!)

You’re not a “writer” by trade. You’re a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, consultant or healer. You have a basic idea of how and what to write, but don’t know how to make it great.

You’re struggling to wrap your head around the huge scope of a book project. You have so much information that it feels impossible for your brain to sort through it all and create a cohesive plan.

You’ve taken other book writing courses and they haven’t given you what you need. You get the gist of the process, but need more support than a to-do list can give you. (We understand!)

…and then they run into these Issues:

  • Get Started and then Stop
  • Go into Overwhelm mode
  • No Time, No Support to Continue!


  • After Traditional Publishing be left with Stacks of Books to Store!
  • Have to share Royalties with Publishers
  • Restricted to the Publishers Marketing efforts
  • No Freedom to Market your Book your way


  • Without a clear Plan, a Powerful List of Prospects and an Effective Promotion Strategy, your Book is left on the Shelf!


  • A great Website, for a great deal of Investment – but No Book Sales!

After all the Excitement of writing, finally holding Your Printed Book in Your hands, Traditionally Published Authors are still not making an Impact or more Money with their Book – that’s NOT the Outcome You’re looking for, right?

Come on In We’ll Help You Write Your Book from Start to Print

…and what will that do for you, you ask?

Imagine this:

  • Being asked to lead a $20,000 Project


  • Easily being offered TV Appearances


  • Getting Your Products into Retail Stores


  • Getting invited to Speak at an Industry Conference you’ve always wanted to be part of


  • Invitations to Speak, Travel and make Your Offers and be hired for $349,000!

…all #BecauseofyourBook being Published Globally!

Come On In, We’ll Help You Make a Difference with Your Book

Your Book a #1 Bestseller on Amazon

Authority, Celebrity, Access, Income!

Now more than ever Your Book is the Secret to Attracting

the Right Customers and Converting Sales