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Banner Advertising

Get Your Brand
Noticed Online

Here is your opportunity to create awareness of
your brand online

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising positions your business online on specific sites to capture potential customers and new business

Stickybeak Marketing offers you an exceptionally effective banner advertising service and takes care of the entire production of your business banners and placement

Prominently Displayed Banners

It is a proven fact prominently positioned banner ads attract activity from your Target Market

Why Banner Advertising
works for you

– You Build recognition

– You Increase awareness of your business online

– It Creates visits to your product or service

– You receive visual exposure for your business

– You Create exposure for your brand

We choose the best for you of these Banner Sizes*

A wide variety of Banner Sizes and shapes are available to promote your business

Stickybeak Marketing offers any or all of these sizes to promote your business brand online

Your Banner Ad will be placed on sites relevant to your business and where your target market is looking for you

*Banner sizes are NOT to scale

Available Banner Packages You Can Create

  • 3 different size online banners created for you
  • Banner placement on sites with links back to your site
  • Target Market Research for specific call to action
  • 4 ‘Advertorials’ placed and links back to your site

Total Package 12 months ONLY $24.95 per month

You are billed monthly directly via PayPal