Discover the High Profit Author Formula

…and the Power of Positioning!


  • a Radically Different Way of Building a Book that Markets your Business

This way of building a Book can explode your marketing and deliver high quality leads to build your Business and Authority

  • the High Profit Author formula ‘Build a Book to Build a Business’

Discover how writing a book this way makes it the single most powerful tool to market your business

  • for business owners, speakers, coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs

You can use this in any industry, Lawyers, Accountants, Health & Wellness, even Trades People and Retail or Real Estate, it works!

  • who are looking for recognition as the expert, credibility, more  visibility

You can charge whatever you want and keep the competition at bay! Or open doors to Industries and Professions who previously kept their doors closed

  • media attention, more clients, more money and even celebrity status

Imagine being contacted by the media to be interviewed, come on a show or give expert statements on their stories?

Build a Book to Build a Business –

The Hottest Marketing Tool to Instant Credibility and Immediate Authority

…and YES, More Money!

What is Build a Book to Build a Business?

  • Whatever Business you are in, you can’t do Business with anyone if you can’t get Attention.

Being a Published Author is the fastest and most Powerful way to get Attention, provided you set up your Book with Attention in Mind!

While many Authors spend a lot of time writing, the Build a Book to Build a Business is a Killer System where you’ll spend your time building your ‘Attention grabbing Marketing Machine’

  • From the outset, building a Book focuses on  your Ideal Client and the Way to Capture their Attention, followed by Deliberate Calls to Action designed to build your list of Prospects.

As you take those Prospects on a Journey of Discovery of your Products and Services, getting to Know, Like and Trust you, Sales are inevitable!

If this raises more Questions, then here is how you can get your Answers:

Register below for the next available date and time that suits you to attend the Build a Book to Build a Business LIVE Online Workshop.

What you will learn at this Workshop

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Live Workshop – Easy Online – with Step by Step Worksheet – Value $595

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This Online Session reveals the Secret Tool for Rapid and Massive Business Success…whether you’re just starting out or are in an established Business

Why are we offering this Session?

After delivering Marketing for Coaches, Consultants, Entrepreneurs, Local Business Owners and Speakers, we’ve seen the Power of this Marketing Tool: Your Book – and want to share our Successful System with you

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  • We’ve helped launch over 450 #1 International Bestsellers

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“The tips and tricks I learned during the webinar were great. What I learned will save me from head aches when I am ready to self publish.
I would highly recommend that aspiring authors do this webinar BEFORE publishing their book because the things you learn will help you make money. Writing a book is no longer my intention. I now wish to build a book strategically and market to sell and make a profit.

Thanks Sigrid and Sandra for a great webinar.”

Kim Patrick, Sunshine Coast

Next Dates and Times Available:

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Here’s what you get in this LIVE Session

1. You’ll find out what the 3 Costly Mistakes most Authors make are and how to Avoid them

2. You learn the 7 Important things to Success when building your Book

3. You’ll ACTUALLY start working on your Book

4. You’ll be able to create your Ideal Avatar

5. You’ll Eliminate the 3 Most Troublesome Issues Authors have from the Start!

6. You’ll learn how to Hook your Audience with the Right Message

7. You’ll leave this Training Session with the first part of your Book finished! 

  • Join Sigrid and Sandra:

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