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Multi Channel Marketing Adidas & Nike

Here’s an example of Multi Channel Marketing in Action by the ‘big guys’ and how you can use it in your Marketing! If you have not already done so, CLICK HERE and download our latest FREE Multi Channel Marketing Blueprint Multi Channel Marketing is all about being on the platform your […]

Marketing Mistakes

5 Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Marketing can be a minefield, with so many new ways and opportunities to promote your business in today’s competitive environment it is easy to make mistakes…and I don’t like mistakes!…but of course I make them, so here, from experience, 5 you can avoid Mistake #1  […]

You and LinkedIn

How is LinkedIn Transforming Companies? by Sigrid de Kaste LinkedIn put together a visual story of how LinkedIn users are transforming their businesses and they’ve done a pretty good job! In this slideshow LinkedIn focuses on 3 main areas: Hire – Marketing – Sell Are these three areas you’d like […]