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Advertising using Power Words In Advertising Words not only influence the minds of people but can completely change their perception about a particular thing. Words have the persuasion power to entice and motivate. They are used by the politicians, in public relations, and even by parents to pass on their […]

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Trust in Advertising – Do you have it? The recent global Nielsen survey into consumer trust of advertising revealed a few interesting points The Nielsen consumer research company conducted this survey online across 58 countries and revealed that consumer trust in online advertising has increased since 2007 but they don’t […]

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It’s All in Your Advertising… Some business owners will tell you “Advertising does NOT work!” …. by Sigrid de Kaste Is that really true…do you feel like that? In order to get your advertising to work  you really need to understand what makes it work…oh…and be clear about it…you are […]