Social Media for Local Business –

Where to Start and What to Post

Are you asking yourself these questions:

  • What really is Social Media ….and is it for me?
  • Where do I need to be and where not?
  • What do I post and how long does it all take?

This is a live event held evey Tuesday with the recording left for you to re-visit and for those who don’t get to the live event to watch later

Below Video covers:

  • What Social Media really is
  • How it impacts all businesses
  • What you can achieve with it by taking charge of it for your business

At some events we make a special offer which is only valid for 24hours – the offer for this event has now been removed

For detailed questions, very specific to you , call Sigrid directly on: 0414 626 729 or send a contact email here

Stickybeak offers Social Media Packages, you might like to check the details by clicking here

To enjoy this event, simply click to start the Video

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  • Jan Watman

    Thanks Sigrid for a good overview of social media…I like the 7 Step Formula
    Jan – Start Fresh Finance

  • Katie

    Thank you Sigrid, that was great – what’s on next week? I have been posting on Facebook every day for a month without really knowing why. You’ve given me some direction! Special offer is tempting …

  • Cliff Cawley

    Thanks Sigrid, very informative! I couldn’t resist and bought a Social Media Profile 🙂

  • SigriddK

    Thanks for the great feedback, everyone…!

  • SigriddK

    Looking forward to working with you on your Social Media Profile, Cliff


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